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The Carl Gustaf M3 Recoilless Rifle is a current issue recoilless rifle produce by Saab Bofors Dynamics, yes the same SAAB that produces cars and Jets. 

The M3 MAAWS is a standard issue recoilless rifle for the United States Special Operations Command.

Its users includes top tier units such as the 75th Rangers Regiment and the Navy SEALs.

The VFC US SOCOM M3 MAAWS airsoft grenade launcher is a faithful replica of recoilless rifle used by USSOCOM.

This airsoft grenade launcher is made of lightweight nylon fiber reinforced polymer construction. This is done intentionally by VFC as the real recoilless rifle weights more than 10 KGs while this airsoft replica is able to keep its weight at around 4 KGs when loaded. This is done so this airsoft replica can be fielded on the airsoft field however, major moving components and the inner tube is reinforced by metals.

The operation of the airsoft replica is realistic and it can take a assortment of different ammunition types made by VFC. It also features a picatinny optics rail, giving you the option of running different optics with this airsoft grenade launcher.


Shell Compatibility: 

  • VFC 84mm Shells 


  • 1x VFC US SOCOM M3 MAAWS Grenade Launcher
  • 1x VFC Simulated 84mm Ammunition
  • 1x VFC 40mm Airsoft Grenade


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