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Monolith Red Dot Sight Replica

Theta Optics open scope is powered by CR2032 battery. It allows using green or red reticle.

Thanks to backlighting, the product can be used either during the day or night. Aiming point can be easily regulated vertically and horizontally thanks to the convenient (often using in scopes) mechanism. It has also several degrees of intensity.

The scope, which is designed to be mounted on a standard 22mm RIS rail, helps you to aim rapidly and precisely.

There placed a short RIS rail on the ridge of the scope. It allows mounting the additional equipment.


The set includes:

- Scope
- Flip-up covers
- User manual
- Cleaning cloth
- Battery

Theta Optics Monolith Red Dot Sight Replica

SKU: THO-10-011604
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