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Manual Dual-Channel Shortie-82 Radio (VHF / UHF) 

Shortie-82 was created in cooperation with Baofeng and is a so-called duobander, i.e. a radio that operates in two frequency ranges - VHF and UHF. However, the double band is not all that this device has to offer. The Shortie-82 model features more doubled elements, making it a very universal tool for radio communication, both in the air, on land and at sea. 

Features of the radio: 

- PTT button that allows you to change the transmission channel without the need to manually switch channels,
- FM radio will automatically switch from reception in the 76-108MHz range as soon as a signal appears on the selected VFO A and B channels, 
- possibility to operate on a selected band, on two different frequencies (transmission / listening on the main frequency + listening on the auxiliary frequency), 
- blocking of transmission on a occupeid channel, 
- voice confirmation of the operation, 
- manual keypad lock, 
- energy saving mode, 
- programming from a computer via RS or USB, 
- most of the functions have assigned keyboard shortcuts, so there is no need to go through the multi-level menu each time, 
- backlit LCD screen which, apart from alphanumeric characters, also displays icons confirming the status of most of the built-in functions, 
- the housing is made of a thick layer of hard plastic, which significantly increases the mechanical resistance, 
- operation temperature range from -20 * C up to + 60 * C, 
- Features of Shortie-82:  

     • Extended range of supported frequencies: 136-174MHz (RX / TX), 400-520MHz (Rx / Tx) and 76-108MHz (Rx) 
     • Adjustable transmitter power in the range of 5W / 1W 
     • DTMF and ANI functions (ANI programmed from a computer) 
     • CTCSS tones (50 groups), DCS (105 groups) and 1750Hz 
     • Voice activation - VOX function