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Made from the highest quality materials, this CXPMARS PDW9 submachine gun is a shortened PDW version. The replica is made almost entirely of metal using CNC technology, including an interesting looking replica body and front with MLOK mounting system. The durable plastic is used for the adjustable stock, ergonomic pistol  grip, 340 rounds hicap magazine and folding sights.


5 119,00 krPris
  • Specifications

    ● SSS.III E-trigger system
    ● Pre-cocking Function
    ● 20° Vertical Pistol Grip
    ● Competition Short Stroke Flat Trigger
    ● Realistic 9mm Pistol Caliber Magazine & Ejection Port
    ● Hi-Capacity PDW Style Stock
    ● Tri-way Magazine Release
    ● Rear-lockable Bolt Plate
    ● Reinforced Full Metal Teeth Piston
    ● Performance Grade AL6061 Cylinder and Piston Head
    ● EBB System
    ● Lightweight 6.5" M-Lok handguard
    ● ICS Split Gearbox
    ● QD Spring Guide Design
    ● One-piece Metal H-UP Chamber
    ● Safety to Release Spring Function

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