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BLE-XFG Pistol Replica

XFG series is yet another part of the BLE line of sidearms from the catalog of the known and appreciated ICS brand. An original appearance and ergonomics are the hallmarks of this series designed with maximum effectiveness of shooting in mind. The phenomenal appearance goes hand in hand with excellent craftsmanship.

The slide was made from metal while the embossing definitely provides a better grip when reloading. Ergonomics were not forgotten either when the gearbox frame of the pistol was designed. It was made from a durable polymer reinforced with nylon fibers with anti-slip texture on the grip. Apart from that, in order to achieve even better control over the pistol, the grip has an exchangeable back panel. The set includes two such panels, so the possibility of adaptation is available “straight out of the box”.

As is visible from the very first glance, the manufacturer has decided to take the best features from well-known and proven models available on the market as well as create a no-compromise replica that is universal and comfortable for as wide an audience as possible. The result is a practically complete adaptation of the pistol for use by both right- and left-handed users. This is visible in elements such as a double-sided slide and magazine release buttons or a safety located in the two-stage trigger.

The replica is excellent in terms of performance and the quality of internal parts. Inside, there are elements such as a very tight system powered by green gas, allowing to fire many rounds on a single magazine charge! The pistol also features an efficient precision barrel with a diameter of 6.03 mm. The replica operates in a BlowBack system and the slide’s kick is remarkably vivid and strong, which sets the realism when firing on a very high level.

The set includes an adapter with a 14 mm left-handed thread that allows equipping the pistol with practically any silencer available on the market.

The set includes:

- replica
- a magazine
- 14 mm CCW silencer adapter
- cleaning rod
- additional grip panel


1 599,00 krPris