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The latest generation AR15 - M4 from Delta Armory is here! The ALPHA series is characterized by a full metal construction, where the entire gun (handguard, body, trigger, stock tube, outer barrel, flashider and so on) is made of metal. Handguard is made by CNC machined aluminium.

Inside you can find high-quality internal parts, it is an SHS piston with full metal teeth, SHS delayer, rotating Hop-up chamber, reinforced gearbox that will hold a 120-130 spring* for a long time, 6.03mm precision inner barrel, metal modern A-type trigger.


*We ran several long term tests with our Delta Armory Springs, please note different brands has different strenght of springs even when they are named with same number e.g. M120 from SHS can have same strong as can our SP140


The gun has  full metal body with unique serial number. The stock is much better handled than other brands in a similar price category, inserting batteries is much more convenient and you can insert even big capacity batteries.


The gun has an upper 22 mm RIS rail for various accessories such as a riflescope or a red dot sight. The weapon has a fixed metal front sight. The weapon has 2x RIS cover for a comfortable grip of the weapon. The weapon has CNC metal quad rail handguard. The outer barrel is finished with a 14 mm left-hand thread. The outer barrel is made of metal. The gun includes a quick-change spring QRS gen. 2 - changing the spring without disassembling the gun. Also gun features Quick Motor Change with our B5 type motor grip. Trigger - CNC modern Type same as on high-end airsoft guns. Between body and stock you can find metal sling ring for both sides which you can safely use for mount of your gun sling. Also stock tube is metal.


Internal parts are also not lacking behind. Inside you can find SHS piston with full metal theeths, CNC metal cut-off delayer, sturdy gears, metal 7mm bearings and so on.

Thanks to good set-up of parts and well asamble the standard FPS out of box is around 380 FPS with 0,20g BB.*


*Thanks to QRS system, you can change spring in few minutes without dissasamble the gun - we have prepared quick video tutorial here, so if in your country is lower limit then our standard power (1,3J) you can buy spare springs here and once the gun will arrive you can change it.

The weapon is ideal for beginners as well as advanced airsoft players.

Delta Armory - AR15 CQB-R ALPHA

SKU: Fagersta-DA-A01
2 999,00 krPris
  • Specifications

    Weight: 2850g

    Hop-Up: Yes, adjustable

    Fire modes: Semi a Full-auto

    Type of gun: Electric (AEG)

    Length [mm]: 700 - 785

    Muzzle velocity [FPS]: approx. 380 FPS with 0.20g BB

    Lenght of inner barrel [mm]: 300

    Barrel materials: metal

    Gearbox materials: metal

    Piston: SHS reinforced with 14 metal teeth

    Colour: Black

    Capacity of magazine [pcs]: 120

    Type of magazine: Mid-Cap

    Gearbox version: V.2

    Materials: Full metal

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