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‘The elite sniper rifle for the sniper elites’


The Steyr Scout Elite sniper rifle is everything you loved about the Scout marksman rifle, yet with a more ‘tactical’ approach – including subtle, but important military-style modifications.


Out of the box, the Scout Elite is ready to rock and roll with its integral fold-down bipod, providing stability when you’re dug-in, ensuring you get the maximum from the now longer inner and outer barrel –for that precise killer shot.


Versatility is a key point here too, with the extended picatinny top rail offering a raft of mounting real estate for optics or telescopic sights. Whatever your preference or situation, you can set-up the Elite to perfectly match up.


The quality-of-life improvements over the previous Steyr Scout garner a more efficient shooting experience. This includes an enlarged bolt knob on the charging handle for a more definite hold while the user is looking down-scope, and a smoother follow-through during loading.


Then there’s the adjustable cheek piece and height-adjustable butt pad that encourages further customisation to the base settings, so the Elite can be made more comfortable to use.


In terms of performance, the Steyr Scout Elite puts out 1.7 joules, while a light trigger pull helps reduce rifle shake, improving accuracy. An enlarged adjustment wheel makes it easier to make precise changes to the TDC hop-up.


Constructed from a strong nylon polymer, the Steyr Scout Elite in this striking black, is the robust, well-equipped sniper rifle you need to set you apart from the rest on the battlefield.

ASG Steyr Scout Elite

SKU: 19829