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Airsoft players are nice people

Donation And Sponsors

We at Velox love to help. We support airsoft teams and fields and offer different airsoft organizations revolutionary deals to help both them but also us. In addition to this Velox contributes to different charities to help make the world a better place. 


Retrived soliders ukraine is an ukrainian non profit organization who helps the solider in ukraine war. From our event in Vinlös 2.4.2022 we donated 5% of our daily income to this charity

Gun violence

From 15 of april and to the 1 of may we will donate 50 euro from every 1000 euro sold to an organization preventing gun violence. The organization is not yet decided, if you know an good organization that is not anti guns you can submit it to us and we will take it to consideration. 


Goons are 

To fulfill goons wish to play on our field in Sweden we have bought them a bridge pass so they can free of charge pass the bridge and join games in Sweden. 

Norrsken Airsoft

Norrsken airsoft is an Stockholm area based who focuses on milsim events and games. Due to this Velox is sponsoring Norrsken with biodegradeble BBs to their milsim events! 

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